Objective & Mission Statements

Hello. So let’s start with a little background of why I started this blog and thus, it’s objectives.

“You are the average of the 5 people you surround yourself with” yet I believe I could do better & where I am, it is challenging to get new people to account for the 5 or less. Me doing better? Yeap, it does sound selfish but no. It is if I’m doing it at the expense of others and I excuse myself from this reason as I am actually trying to help the current 5-ish. -ish because I have no information of how receptive they are towards it. Anyway, I treat this as a platform for further self-development in various aspects. I’d like to be more open, stay abreast of current affairs and engage more critical thinking in everyday matters and learn as much. Basically, be on the top of my game at all times. Sounds tiring now that said it but we’ll see how it goes overtime.

So why do I want to me the top of my game 24/7? My field is such that how you deliver your message is equally or more crucial than what you deliver. Thus, this blog allows me to develop skills for both content & delivery. I just have to make it applicable to real-life situations.

The following are some rules for me to adhere to in achieving my objective. Yes, I need rules as I can tell I’m deteriorating in the discipline department, possibly exponentially (frankly speaking I should be sacked – all those efforts my parents made since young could be said to have gone down the drain).


1) Half an hour daily
2) Current affairs (Sg/ Worldwide)
3) Invest a portion on learning about oneself

Again, such requirements may change overtime depending on my progress. This may be a flop for all I know. But in any case, I actually tried. Hopefully, if successful, I’d be able to replicate this methodology to other aspects or maybe share  my success story. 🙂


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