Day 3 + 4 + 5 – Tudung issue; Smartphone sales (Samsung); SM SF Budget 2014

A few issues over the past 3 days I intend to highlight :

Tudung issue

Tudung issue is about what sort of society S’pore wants to build: PM Lee

I remember learning about this issue in my SS mod and if i recall correctly, my prof’s interpretation of the issue was how it was not allowed in schools then because it could impede national integration yet the other party insists on the basic right to practice their religion to their utmost best in this secular state. PM’s comments imply a deferment of allowance for donning of tudung in schools as it could lead to other religions fighting for the same right to practice their beliefs openly within an institution. Eg. Practicing their beliefs in school. etc.

What is my opinion? I’d go for my prof’s/ PM’s stand that Sg, being a melting pot of cultures whose composition is always changing, would require constant and more conspicuous efforts to promote the quality of being one or together, rather than separate entities. As it would be difficult to validate every individual’s stand or perspective regarding this issue this move would be a prudent one to take now.

Auditors’ independence

Before accepting an engagement from a client, there is a need to establish our independence – a list of 24 😮 which I am presently reminding myself to keep reinforcing it in my head.

Smartphone sales (Samsung vs Apple)

Smartphone sales top billion, Samsung leads

Boohoo Apple. I never really was a fan of Apple but I did a project on Steve Jobs & he was amazing. He was the backbone of the company then but its future seems uncertain now. Anw, Samsung 31.3% of 2013 sales while Apple hits 15.3%. Samsung’s double! I do not fancy how big its devices are but well it seems most reliable compared to other phones. I actually really like the look and feel of a Blackberry but it seems dormant now. Well I heard about its pop-up keys technology which it is still furnishing. Let’s hope it’s break into the market fairly quickly.

Budget 2014

Budget 2014 to look at how to better support families: Josephine Teo

Senior Minister of State for Finance

One of the priorities for Budget 2014 is to better support families through healthcare & education (preschool to tertiary).

As for business, we should expect an update of the progress of restructuring. Businesses requested “for the continuation of Productivity & Innovation Credit (PIC) scheme which allows local business to get tax deductions for investments to improve productivity” (thus scheme is helpful biz are making moves to improve their productivity) & govt is considering the merits of extending it.


Almost forgot to update this area. So I’ve been eating little on some occassions and eating a lot or rather, munching more often these few days. My body hasn’t yet realized/ been accustomed to a certain benchmark that determines whether you need food or not. Counting calories may not necessarily help and I’ve been exercising too but I have no idea of its effects. Well my strategy was to eat lesser & exercise much more which means my fats will be used up as energy for the strenuous exercises that I’ve been doing but yea it now seems true when people say it is challenging to stay fit & healthy when you’ve been so used to your regular meetings with the fridge. Or when your body dictates your mind on your level of hunger at various points of time. So willpower is definitely important. The conviction to let your mind decide when you should consume food rather than let your body do harm to itself. Speaking of which, I think probably the main reason for obesity is psychological. Turning to food for comfort is just depressing because food should the last thing we seek for comfort. I mean people do it temporarily – munching on donuts after dissatisfaction with exams. It could become chronic when done so often and you’re not mentally strong/ garner sufficient willpower to resist. There are definitely other more effective measures to overcome any unsettled issues within self cos honestly, food doesn’t help. Oh right, it’s like smoking – a temporary relief from stress which only comes back once again and may or may not render you in a better position to solve the problem or not. Let’s not leave such things to chance cos we tend to blame it on our bad luck when things do not turn out the way we wanted it too and soon without any effort, it would become a self-fulfilling prophecy. A vicious cycle that no one should fall for. We should all probably think back into our primary school days, specifically CME lessons and actually reflect & apply it now since the world’s quite screwed up. Going back to basics usually works especially with a fresh and non-convoluted mind.

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