Day 6 – Employment 2013; CNB NGB retired

More find jobs last year amid tight labour market

In 2013, employment grew by 134,900 (MOM) Over 60% went to locals & PR. Most of employment growth came in services sector, followed by construction and manufacturing.

Former CNB chief Ng Boon Gay retired from public service: Ministry of Home Affairs

So he was first interdicted in Jan 2012 which means he was suspended from duty & docked off his pay after being arrested by CPIB for graft investigations about a month earlier.

Graft investigations:


  • Graft is defined as a use of public stature to gain illegal benefit. For instance, a senator who sits on the armed services committee in the U.S. senate cannot use his knowledge of military contracts to buy stock in a defense contractor’s company. His position gives him unfair advantage over other investors. It is similar to the notion of insider trading in business.

Read more:

He was acquitted of corruption which means he was not guilty but has been retired from public service effective yesterday. Why was he retired despite not being guilty? Well logically speaking, given that his reputation is reflect badly on many other companies, I believe no company except close friends would put him in a role that requires sound ethical judgment and professionalism.


Got the itinerary up for Kuantan & seems legit! Shall conduct a briefing later today when everyone’s here. Oh this reminds me of the ppt I needa do for OCIP. Quite disappointing because after thinking about it so much yesterday, I couldn’t actually find succinct points to support the sustainability of the project. I mean. How difficult is it to inspire youths to take on OCIPs by knowing there is continuity of the project in the long run. I can go far-fetched like saying “It could be your first step towards making a difference to the world” but then again that would be what every other OCIP would do. & if I were among the audience (I used to be the audience for such things a lot) I wouldn’t be very receptive to it because firstly, the point’s diluted and overused and secondly, realistically speaking is that even true? We are ultimately still a small fry and to effect big changes, we’ll need much more than that – working very closely with NGOs, getting them to be more receptive towards our involvement in planning as opposed to just manual work etc. Many factors that have more weight comes into play so don’t be superficial. I’ll join whoever gets me the real deal amidst all the fluff.

Hmm. Now the reall deall….

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