Day 7 – Accounting Scandals

Hello, it definitely has been a long time. Well I did mention this could be a flop but in any case, I am here to revive it after losing interest ever since my Kuantan trip plans were a flop. This goes under self.


The thing is.. no one was interested in the activities that was planned though I figured it would be the best way to make full use of our vacation there. I have no idea why they are just satisfied by sleeping in the hotel throughout. I mean. There are so many things to explore about the resort, so many new things to witness and so many people to interact and they’re just satisfied with the bed. How do  I even approach such unmotivated, empty people. Well anyway, I went ahead with my own goals of the vacation. I managed to view the sunrise which only came at about 7am. And I woke up at 5am? Haha. Well I managed to do some French in the cooling breeze and with a beautiful scenery and while hearing the sea breaking against the shore. Something I could not get here. I can hear crickets but it’s not the same. So this was the best I could get out of it. Not following my plans wasn’t the worst thing..

Adapting my plans was worse. So while we were on our way back, I expected to be home early since I’ve got a lot of work to do. Butt they just suddenly decided to stop by a famous lake and just suddenly decide to take the cruise when they totally gave no care about the Firefly Cruise I have planned. I was very disappointed at how they did not even acknowledge my effort to plan (my time is definitely more valuable than theirs. time = $), my agreement to taking the impromptu cruise, or my suggestions about the package of the cruise. What’s wrong with them? I’m sure it’s not me because I’m sure it is a basic human right to consider others’ feelings. Well that’s over and no one did anything. It was just left there. And somehow people around me just don’t get it. They don’t have what I need. Or rather, they don’t know or don’t have the means to help or assist me so they just kept quiet and just hope my feelings go away. Time heals right. .. Is it that rare to find people who genuinely care?

Accounting Scandals

For a breadth of knowledge, I’ll be working on accounting scandals’ causes soon..

Glad to keep in touch with me. Will see you again later alright.

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