Southeast Asia Market

Southeast Asia Market

Many manufacturing business.
Growth not in capital itself.
Resilience to crisis.
Challenge : Swift change in environment – sudden political tensions/ social unrestt

Good first place for SMEs interested to venture abroad due to (1)geographical proximity (2)familiarity of culture (3)strong brand name

Budget 2014 : Ask the Finance Minister, Tharman Shanmugaratnam

PGP, increase in 1% of CPF.

Front loading. Relieve them of the uncertainty of their future. Assurance for future generations and challenges, including healthcare spending.

Precedent for future policies?

Unique generations thus should not be made a precedent. Difficulty facing forward. Think about new sources of growth as we move on. Not all those in PG are well off. Most start off poor.

Follow on effects on other sectors?

Ease burden for younger people. Increase QOL. Positive effects for various age groups.

With lower med cost for seniors, more seeking outpatient treatment and more constraint?

Cause of concern. But more contributions to healthcare not just in monetary terms but rather, about teaching people to stretch their dollar. Maximize use of health dollar.

Plus for planning ahead which many in PG have not even considered and thus do not plan their savings for the future.