Detox Day #3

So.. Imma get straight to the point for this.

BF: 1/2 cheesecake, 1/2 pita bread, green tea latte — Not sure about the calories but it’s satisfying. Not too full and just nice.

L: Kimchi Dumpling Ramen, small popcorn — was relatively ok w this. I did not finish the dish which was what I usually did before uni.. Hmm that was supposedly the size of the stomach that I should get for this petite size. So yeap, satisfied with this!

D: Snacked a lot of those small prawn crackers, 1 lopez — planning to eat the lopez.

Seemed little but the BF packs quite a lot of calories given that the latte was from Starbucks (’em sugary drinks). I mean.. After the coffee at Aussie, I’m sorry to say that Starbucks is secondary to tt. Overall…. Could do better in terms of healthy food but good where I did not overeat and consume more than I needed. However, to remind myself not to snack regardless.

Signing off,


Detox Day #2


Not as satisfied with my progress today but I think it should be better in future.

BF: 1 lopez, 1 chocolate cream cheese. — Timetable just got out and I was probably stressed a lil about the workload and projects and stuff. Looks like it’s gonna be a difficult sem. Prepped timetable and the usuals for the start of the semester.. Got better after. Knew I didn’t need the chocolate cream cheese..

L: half a pita bread with sambal sotong, 1 grande caffe mocha — It was satisfactory bearing in mind the choc cream cheese which was not needed. Had coffee at about 3pm to settle some accounts.

D: 1 serving of lontong + lodeh + sambal sotong, 1 choc cream cheese, 1 hershey’s choc flavoured soya, some O tori nuggets tom yum flavoured snack — definitely do not need everything else after the main dish. Yes, i disappointed myself. On retrospect, i was conversing over wa about school… switching groups, dual slots etc.. The overeating comes when I’m stressed and I should learn to control this. Probably started way back when I was in Y1 and clueless about all this. Well… Reversing will take more effort but hey, I grew up in a strict disciplined environment. It should be somewhat second nature to me right? With other people we generally tend to overeat. This is probably also a contribution. So.. the conclusion would be to be conscious of what I consume and focus on self and not others (just cos they eat doesn’t mean I have to) Learn to say no. Yea… That seems more apt. To not be pressure by others into doing what I don’t need or want.

I think I did ok since I’ve not had any strong sugar cravings at night or so.. Not gonna eat beyond 10pm is a new rule I will have myself abide to. I am also restricting bubble to at most once week. And I have realized how wrong it is to just consume glucose for a meal. For the same amount of calories I’d rather have a burger which I haven’t eaten since time immemorial. Alright, a lil confident about tmr. Gonna pick myself up from this mini failure

Signing off,

Detox Day #1


So here I am after dinner-ish (Gonna have salad later on).

I felt good about today. Well food-wise at least..

BF: 2 grapes, 1 teh susu, 1 lopez- had to send mum & grandma to a baby shower. Quite nervous since I haven’t driven since Tassie and Sg’s roads are way different than Tassie’s. Well that means 11 days of no driving until today… hmm. Actually compared to others it’s not that long. Regardless, it turned out fine. So.. distraction or keeping my mind focussed on other more important matters worked.

L: 2 mini salmon burgers, 1 spoonful of daging rendang and 1 spoonful of urap, Mini burger was nicee. Love the sauce. – not sure hw to approach and address the other side of the family. Again, being more concerned about how I present myself is more impt..

D: 1 lopez, handful of pistachios, 1 quarter pulut – quite full aft munching on pistachios. Hmm. Lopez was small. But i still feel like eating salad with my newly bought honey mustard dressing!

Proud of breakfast. Not as satisfied w lunch cos i ate tt other mini burger cos i waited way tpp oong for what they call “berkat” from the baby shower. I kinda binged on the pistachios but hey, the daily serving is 47 nuts and i’m sure i’m wayy under. Salad later wld complete the 1 serving of vege for the day. So yeap. Overall, satisfied w my reason for consumption and self regulation while consuming. Looking forward to a similar tmr. šŸ™‚

Signing off,

House MD

Learnt a few things from this TV series. Many kept saying this is better than Grey’s so I decided to evaluate for myself.

Hmm.. I’ll say it’s both a yes and a no. Well,Ā it depends on individual preference.

House MD revolves around cases fromĀ a department, specifically the Department of Diagnostics Medicine (where cases presented to them are those that other docs couldn’t figure out). Their cases featured are more complicated than what an everyday doctor is exposed to like in Grey’s. Grey features a variety of cases with a range of difficulty levels. I prefer Grey’s in this area because I get to see how docs deal with the varying levels of cases instead of just watching docs speculate over possible causes due to the complexity of the case.

Grey’s have more characters which means more drama per episode and it kinda gets you excited for what’s up next. On the contrary, House just has the same 3 under 1 genius in the department and hence, little drama. This genius has this sarcasm which is typical. Like Sheldon from Big Bang Theory. Then again, the substance is strong, with little drama.

Well these are my 2 cents worth since I am only at Season 1, I have yet to see the development.

Signing off now.

Detox Plan


I need to stay off too much glucose and maintain a healthy diet. I canĀ no longerĀ carbo load (not that IĀ can during exam period but that’s actually a good excuse) and I hope this will assist me in tracking my glucose intake for my own health benefit. Be it physical or mental.

This shall be my diary for detox and Day #1 starts tomorrow and here’s some of the points that I think pertinent to note.

I need to stay away from chocolates specifically. Fruits are fine but should not be taken in excessive amounts. Excessive meaning more than 1 serving. To check how much is 1 serving of grapes.

I can still consume glucose. Going cold turkey is not long term and may induce other unwanted side effects which I do not need to have in the start of my school term. Glucose shall be limited to staple food. Any chocolates or banana cake shall be a no-no. In the case where my body crave for these, I will need a strong and good substitute.. which I can’t think of other than fruits. A second would be caffeine, including my lovely teh peng, green tea or coffee i guess. Taken every other day at most.

Unlimited veggies to better my digestive tract.

I understand that there will be withdrawal symptoms: headaches, lethargy and more. I have to tell myself that this will be temporary and is a result of my carbo load during exams which is exacerbated from my Aussie trip. When this happens, I will rest and take naps to trainĀ my body to realize that I actually do not need them.

I need to get back my regular 3 times a week exercise and need to change my routine on alternate weeks. To train up cos it seems as if my body has gotten used to my 4km ritual in half an hour. I noticed that I get bored while running sometimes. Hope to involve other people in my exercise routine. Hey this boosts mental health too. Gyms and team sports a consideration.

Social support…. I know a dietician but of course, I’m not gonna bother her every single meal and I can’t expect her to monitor my glucose intake 24/7. Family, nope because they are unhealthy themselves.. Well, the home environment isn’t exactly ideal to help me detox. This brings my down to just you bloggy. and me.

I should come back here everyday after dinner to log my intakeĀ andĀ feelings especially (since I could expect a relapse the next exam period).

Alright, we’ll see how this turns out.

Signing off,