Detox Plan


I need to stay off too much glucose and maintain a healthy diet. I can no longer carbo load (not that I can during exam period but that’s actually a good excuse) and I hope this will assist me in tracking my glucose intake for my own health benefit. Be it physical or mental.

This shall be my diary for detox and Day #1 starts tomorrow and here’s some of the points that I think pertinent to note.

I need to stay away from chocolates specifically. Fruits are fine but should not be taken in excessive amounts. Excessive meaning more than 1 serving. To check how much is 1 serving of grapes.

I can still consume glucose. Going cold turkey is not long term and may induce other unwanted side effects which I do not need to have in the start of my school term. Glucose shall be limited to staple food. Any chocolates or banana cake shall be a no-no. In the case where my body crave for these, I will need a strong and good substitute.. which I can’t think of other than fruits. A second would be caffeine, including my lovely teh peng, green tea or coffee i guess. Taken every other day at most.

Unlimited veggies to better my digestive tract.

I understand that there will be withdrawal symptoms: headaches, lethargy and more. I have to tell myself that this will be temporary and is a result of my carbo load during exams which is exacerbated from my Aussie trip. When this happens, I will rest and take naps to train my body to realize that I actually do not need them.

I need to get back my regular 3 times a week exercise and need to change my routine on alternate weeks. To train up cos it seems as if my body has gotten used to my 4km ritual in half an hour. I noticed that I get bored while running sometimes. Hope to involve other people in my exercise routine. Hey this boosts mental health too. Gyms and team sports a consideration.

Social support…. I know a dietician but of course, I’m not gonna bother her every single meal and I can’t expect her to monitor my glucose intake 24/7. Family, nope because they are unhealthy themselves.. Well, the home environment isn’t exactly ideal to help me detox. This brings my down to just you bloggy. and me.

I should come back here everyday after dinner to log my intake and feelings especially (since I could expect a relapse the next exam period).

Alright, we’ll see how this turns out.

Signing off,

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