House MD

Learnt a few things from this TV series. Many kept saying this is better than Grey’s so I decided to evaluate for myself.

Hmm.. I’ll say it’s both a yes and a no. Well, it depends on individual preference.

House MD revolves around cases from a department, specifically the Department of Diagnostics Medicine (where cases presented to them are those that other docs couldn’t figure out). Their cases featured are more complicated than what an everyday doctor is exposed to like in Grey’s. Grey features a variety of cases with a range of difficulty levels. I prefer Grey’s in this area because I get to see how docs deal with the varying levels of cases instead of just watching docs speculate over possible causes due to the complexity of the case.

Grey’s have more characters which means more drama per episode and it kinda gets you excited for what’s up next. On the contrary, House just has the same 3 under 1 genius in the department and hence, little drama. This genius has this sarcasm which is typical. Like Sheldon from Big Bang Theory. Then again, the substance is strong, with little drama.

Well these are my 2 cents worth since I am only at Season 1, I have yet to see the development.

Signing off now.

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