Detox Day #1


So here I am after dinner-ish (Gonna have salad later on).

I felt good about today. Well food-wise at least..

BF: 2 grapes, 1 teh susu, 1 lopez- had to send mum & grandma to a baby shower. Quite nervous since I haven’t driven since Tassie and Sg’s roads are way different than Tassie’s. Well that means 11 days of no driving until today… hmm. Actually compared to others it’s not that long. Regardless, it turned out fine. So.. distraction or keeping my mind focussed on other more important matters worked.

L: 2 mini salmon burgers, 1 spoonful of daging rendang and 1 spoonful of urap, Mini burger was nicee. Love the sauce. – not sure hw to approach and address the other side of the family. Again, being more concerned about how I present myself is more impt..

D: 1 lopez, handful of pistachios, 1 quarter pulut – quite full aft munching on pistachios. Hmm. Lopez was small. But i still feel like eating salad with my newly bought honey mustard dressing!

Proud of breakfast. Not as satisfied w lunch cos i ate tt other mini burger cos i waited way tpp oong for what they call “berkat” from the baby shower. I kinda binged on the pistachios but hey, the daily serving is 47 nuts and i’m sure i’m wayy under. Salad later wld complete the 1 serving of vege for the day. So yeap. Overall, satisfied w my reason for consumption and self regulation while consuming. Looking forward to a similar tmr. 🙂

Signing off,

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