Detox Day #2


Not as satisfied with my progress today but I think it should be better in future.

BF: 1 lopez, 1 chocolate cream cheese. — Timetable just got out and I was probably stressed a lil about the workload and projects and stuff. Looks like it’s gonna be a difficult sem. Prepped timetable and the usuals for the start of the semester.. Got better after. Knew I didn’t need the chocolate cream cheese..

L: half a pita bread with sambal sotong, 1 grande caffe mocha — It was satisfactory bearing in mind the choc cream cheese which was not needed. Had coffee at about 3pm to settle some accounts.

D: 1 serving of lontong + lodeh + sambal sotong, 1 choc cream cheese, 1 hershey’s choc flavoured soya, some O tori nuggets tom yum flavoured snack — definitely do not need everything else after the main dish. Yes, i disappointed myself. On retrospect, i was conversing over wa about school… switching groups, dual slots etc.. The overeating comes when I’m stressed and I should learn to control this. Probably started way back when I was in Y1 and clueless about all this. Well… Reversing will take more effort but hey, I grew up in a strict disciplined environment. It should be somewhat second nature to me right? With other people we generally tend to overeat. This is probably also a contribution. So.. the conclusion would be to be conscious of what I consume and focus on self and not others (just cos they eat doesn’t mean I have to) Learn to say no. Yea… That seems more apt. To not be pressure by others into doing what I don’t need or want.

I think I did ok since I’ve not had any strong sugar cravings at night or so.. Not gonna eat beyond 10pm is a new rule I will have myself abide to. I am also restricting bubble to at most once week. And I have realized how wrong it is to just consume glucose for a meal. For the same amount of calories I’d rather have a burger which I haven’t eaten since time immemorial. Alright, a lil confident about tmr. Gonna pick myself up from this mini failure

Signing off,

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