Detox Day #3

So.. Imma get straight to the point for this.

BF: 1/2 cheesecake, 1/2 pita bread, green tea latte — Not sure about the calories but it’s satisfying. Not too full and just nice.

L: Kimchi Dumpling Ramen, small popcorn — was relatively ok w this. I did not finish the dish which was what I usually did before uni.. Hmm that was supposedly the size of the stomach that I should get for this petite size. So yeap, satisfied with this!

D: Snacked a lot of those small prawn crackers, 1 lopez — planning to eat the lopez.

Seemed little but the BF packs quite a lot of calories given that the latte was from Starbucks (’em sugary drinks). I mean.. After the coffee at Aussie, I’m sorry to say that Starbucks is secondary to tt. Overall…. Could do better in terms of healthy food but good where I did not overeat and consume more than I needed. However, to remind myself not to snack regardless.

Signing off,


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