Detox Day #8


This has to be fattest day ever. Ate 2 full meals which are so freaking good I don’t know if I do not regret it for it has been a long time since my family had a hearty meal or if I should regret it for killing my stomach maintenance protocol.

BF: 1/2 pandan cake. Before going for ice skating. It wasn’t as pleasant as at Kallang probably cos of the little children skating around with their usual reckless behaviour. >< They are just very agile and quick such that it could be difficult to maneuvre oneself around them.

L: 1/4 scallop spag, 1/4 white fish w baked rice and 4 chips at Manhattan, 3 cut carrots and 2 broccoli too. Hmm doesn’t sound that bad.. I felt bad after that upon knowing that the family was gonna have dinner out later on so I said no to ice cream! 🙂

D: Here it goes… Mediterranean Pollock – 2 fish baked in mediterranean salsa with salted pumpkin and mashed potato. Salted pumpkin really packs a punch. Delicious but too much flavour for my tastebuds. Fish was awesome. Mashed potato awesome too! Had the chocolate exxxtasy and drank like 1/8 of it – another one that packs a punch.. I call it “Diabetes 101”. Had some of the choc layered mousse cake and red velvet fusion. Very very decadent. I still prefer light.  But the thing about this meal was that I didn’t regret any single bit. Each dish is like a new experience. Fish & Co. you did it again!

Hmm, I’m thinking that I should change the way I deal with food. Previously, as with my family members, we usually eat little like way little like rationing our food everyday unless we go out and eat which is when we splurge. More like pamper ourselves on those occasions. This seems like a good virtue to live by but whether it is healthy or not is another issue too. Eating very little everyday allows for a sedentary lifestyle while maintaining a gd weight but we all know a sedentary lifestyle is a nono healthy aging. Well, at least for me, I’ll do both. Eat little and do jogging 1x a week and yoga on alternate days.

Signing off,


Detox Day #7

Good morning!

Had a 45 min slow jog this morning upon waking up. It felt great right after, felt a momentum picking up – like “what’s next”.

BF: 1 milo drink, 1 raisin bun – didn’t feel like eating anything right after running so I decided to just skip this and eat lunch later.. Couldn’t wait for an official lunch so had a raisin bun for brunch.

L: Rice with spinach and sambal goreng, snacks, 1 tea with milk – portion is legit, small.. with veggie being the larger portion. Mini kudos. Had some snacks afterwards and my teh..

D: 1/2 cuppa blueberry cereal w flaxseed – this was at 6pm. I couldn’t wait! Sis wants to order…. I wanted to say no but I could not deal with her complaints after so I opted for a cheap option of baked beefballs. Cos I crave for something savoury. Good or bad? Had 6 baked beefballs and some of those snacks..

Layoff the snacks b**** – is what I should tell myself.

I should also chant to myself “Less is more”. Indeed gosh.. It’s as if I deserve all this stuffing when I don’t

Signing off,


Detox Day #6


Woke up early to get to the dentists’ and found tt I have a cavity. 😦 gonna fill it up in 6 months (decided to take up the challenge to maintain size by brushing more holistically – it is just hard to get more coverage for the last tooth)

BF: 3/4 cup of blueberry w flaxseed cereal – Was a quick one since I don’t wanna be late for the dental apptmt and wanna get out asap.

L: 3/4 cup of blueberry w flaxseed cereal with some spinach, 1 orange choc Milano biscuit, some snacks from the bottle of crackers, 1 muffin, more snacks – I had late lunch at 1pm and ate the last 2 at 4pm. I knew I didn’t need but I was bored… Emotional eating I see.. I guess the books are just not as interesting.

D: Planning not to eat since I binged over lunch.. Or maybe have some fibre.

I should not have too much food at home. But on the second thought, I should to exercise greater willpower to abstain from them when I don’t need them but for training my mind to realize that it is not food that I need. Still figuring out how I can deal with this……. articles articles articles.


Signing off,

Detox Day #5


Woke up very early only to be persuaded to go Johor for breakfast and such…

BF: 1 roti canai, 1 teh susu. Typical size of my meal im those fit days.

L: 4 thin cut banana fritters, 2 keropok lekor, 1 muffin, some snacks frm the bottle. This was an improper lunch but we missed the proper lunchtime so…

D: Proper meal consisting rice, sambal goreng, bayam and belacan. Very satisfied w the mix – fibre, protein, carbo. Oh had some snacks after and 2 orange choc milano cookies 😦 I just had to try it. Gonna go bathe myself in guilt tmr…

I think to further boost my incentive, i will post my weight here at the end of every day. Overall, cld exercise better self restraint. Onward Z and Happy New Year! 🙂

Signing off,

Detox Day #4


First of all, Happy New Year’s Eve! And typically, to take advantage of the half day off we had a family dinner but of course before blabbing what I had for dinner, here are the usuals-

BF: Double cheese sandwich. Spinach in between ’em cheese. Yumm. Find this the perfect combi ever since Mount Elephant Pancakes as Tassie. It’s like love at first taste between Spinach and I. Parfait. Ok other than that, I am very sure I snacked some crackers.. hmm.

L: Half a burger. This is a leftover of Dad’s. Wendy’s is indeed different frm other fast food outlets. Firstly, it smells different. There is this fragrance from the bread that immediately makes one know tt it is Wendy’s. 2ndly, grilled and not fried so the patty is a lil healthier? Well i don’t taste the carbon tt other burger patties usually have. 3rdly, keeping in mind the first 2 points makes you more assured of a better fast food choice (though we know fast food is still fast food) oh wow long story short, been forever since I ate a burger so this one may be said to have blown my mind. Got the bang for the buck!

D: Half Mapo Ramen, 2 salmon mayo sushi. Mapo Ramen tastes like tt all the time so I have no comments on tt. Salmon mayo’s presentation cld be improved.. Other than tt, despite the small dinner, it wss v fulfilling. Idk if it’s the effect of sharing or having more people ard you when you eat tt makes you more conscious of what goes into your mouth. Bit of both i guess..

Overall, disappointed w BF because i know i put in tt much effort because it felt like i deserved it from refrainig myself from eating anything from 10pm omwards (another rule placed by myself. Glad to have followed it through till now) Lunch was not balanced. Note to self: force oneself to eat tt 1 serving of veggie. Dinner was perfect.

Based on my findings, some additions or changes to be imposed… Again, no desserts. Be contented after main course. Walk away from the snack bottle. Choice of food is impt since I won’t be running for a while. Choose wisely becos my decisions will impact the future..