Detox Day #5


Woke up very early only to be persuaded to go Johor for breakfast and such…

BF: 1 roti canai, 1 teh susu. Typical size of my meal im those fit days.

L: 4 thin cut banana fritters, 2 keropok lekor, 1 muffin, some snacks frm the bottle. This was an improper lunch but we missed the proper lunchtime so…

D: Proper meal consisting rice, sambal goreng, bayam and belacan. Very satisfied w the mix – fibre, protein, carbo. Oh had some snacks after and 2 orange choc milano cookies 😦 I just had to try it. Gonna go bathe myself in guilt tmr…

I think to further boost my incentive, i will post my weight here at the end of every day. Overall, cld exercise better self restraint. Onward Z and Happy New Year! 🙂

Signing off,


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