Detox Day #6


Woke up early to get to the dentists’ and found tt I have a cavity. 😦 gonna fill it up in 6 months (decided to take up the challenge to maintain size by brushing more holistically – it is just hard to get more coverage for the last tooth)

BF: 3/4 cup of blueberry w flaxseed cereal – Was a quick one since I don’t wanna be late for the dental apptmt and wanna get out asap.

L: 3/4 cup of blueberry w flaxseed cereal with some spinach, 1 orange choc Milano biscuit, some snacks from the bottle of crackers, 1 muffin, more snacks – I had late lunch at 1pm and ate the last 2 at 4pm. I knew I didn’t need but I was bored… Emotional eating I see.. I guess the books are just not as interesting.

D: Planning not to eat since I binged over lunch.. Or maybe have some fibre.

I should not have too much food at home. But on the second thought, I should to exercise greater willpower to abstain from them when I don’t need them but for training my mind to realize that it is not food that I need. Still figuring out how I can deal with this……. articles articles articles.


Signing off,


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