Detox Day #7

Good morning!

Had a 45 min slow jog this morning upon waking up. It felt great right after, felt a momentum picking up – like “what’s next”.

BF: 1 milo drink, 1 raisin bun – didn’t feel like eating anything right after running so I decided to just skip this and eat lunch later.. Couldn’t wait for an official lunch so had a raisin bun for brunch.

L: Rice with spinach and sambal goreng, snacks, 1 tea with milk – portion is legit, small.. with veggie being the larger portion. Mini kudos. Had some snacks afterwards and my teh..

D: 1/2 cuppa blueberry cereal w flaxseed – this was at 6pm. I couldn’t wait! Sis wants to order…. I wanted to say no but I could not deal with her complaints after so I opted for a cheap option of baked beefballs. Cos I crave for something savoury. Good or bad? Had 6 baked beefballs and some of those snacks..

Layoff the snacks b**** – is what I should tell myself.

I should also chant to myself “Less is more”. Indeed gosh.. It’s as if I deserve all this stuffing when I don’t

Signing off,



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