Channel to vent some frustrations


Here writing because I need to release some frustrations, about how some people can be annoying.

Judging people and extrapolating their abilities just from one single incident

Sounds like a primitive point, but often practised especially in particular cultures. I don’t know why or how such a mindset can still go on and continue even in a more educated world like the present itself.

It is definitely wrong to judge someone just based on oneĀ particular action that the person takes. Hell, no one is ever in a position to judge another being without fully understanding the person’s circumstances. We can only accept and advise. The rest is up to the person.

I was a victim of being judged and of course it sucked. But what was more disappointing was the fact that I did not stand up and defend my actions and defend myself against her “accusations” of my abilities.

Oh please tell me where I can learn to defend and protect myself from all these situations of “jumping to conclusions”, creating false stories just to make sense of the situation….

Importance of support when you’re bashed by someone important (making you feel like you’re bashed by the world)

So when one is apparently incapable of defending oneself, the next best mechanism is for someone else to step in to neutralize this accusation.

Turns out, i didn’t had that, when someone is indeed right there…

It is not right to expect things from others (trust me, it never feels good when you expect things from others. Most often leads to disappointment and at the worst, you start to lose faith in humanity. I don’t wanna go there again. Also because I have seen the best versions of people and I’d like to believe that is better way to see people). However, she was in a good position to neutralize this accusation but did not.

How do we deal with these people who are ignorant of what is happening around them and their role in such a situation above?

Feels good to write it out

Signing off,
“Looking for enlightenment”


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