Am I rude?


This shall be my designated venting of frustrations diary (instead of this being a channel for discussing foreign affairs and expressing my views and engaging in critical thinking where my home environment lacks.. A lot). I am making it official right now. Pop the champagne! or rather, orange juice!

Accused with being rude followed by a hard slap on my face

So apparently, only just now, i was accused for being rude because of the tone of my voice and after a few exchanges of words or expletives i somehow got slapped in the face. I find this unreasonable and violence should never be a solution to a conflict (not never just that there are definitely better ways to reach the same end without violence as the means.. like how US should never have gone into Iraq) We’ll leave that till another day. Right now, let’s look at what happened.

A: I bought something.. Subway
Me: Really? For me?
*Goes to fridge to see it*
Me: One whole meal?
B: Just take and stop asking la
Me: *Continues on asking*
A: *Continues on answering*

Quietly in a separate conversation,

Me: What’s B’s problem?
A: Don’t know.. (smiling while watching tv)

B: *talks about eating maggi*
A: *commenting about putting a lot of chilli in the maggi*
Me: Just eat and stop asking la

B: What is your problem *storms into my room and pulled my hair*
Me: WHY?!
B: You very rude you know yada yada yada
Me: yada yada yada
B: *slaps me in the face*
Me: WHY! (To A) Are you gonna let her do that? Is it right to just slap and somehow I will change?
B: *walks out*
Me: Are you that incapable of explaining yourself and your actions?
B: See la
A: Please.. People can hear.. Just don’t…
Me: No, this will keep happening until we solve the root cause of the issue
A: *explains about my tone of voice being too harsh and stuff*

2 issues. First, I wasn’t being respected when she just raised her voice,telling me to just stop asking and just take. I will not be silenced and will speak when I want to speak. I have lived most of my life being oppressed and to do/ not to do whatever other ‘authority’ figures say. I have gone a long way learning that my views deserve to be respected as with any other individuals so I will say what I think and I expect my opinion to be respected. Meaning, you can disagree and both of us agree to disagree. Second, respect has to be mutual and earned. When she disrespected me, I merely gave her what she gave to me. I know it’s unnecessary but if she’s mature enough to know that I did that just to spite her, she would back down and clearly she didn’t. So yea, I’m living with immature adults.

Positive Youth Development

So as part of the Youth Mentor Programme that I signed up for, I learnt about the Positive Youth Development Framework which is definitely an eye opener (more specifically, how deficient I am of the form of nurturing that allow me to discover my potential). Then I made a silent promise to myself that I must be a better bigger sister than B for my dear mentees.

Signing off,
*Got over it cos it is not worth my energy on something immature*



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