Detox Day #2


Not as satisfied with my progress today but I think it should be better in future.

BF: 1 lopez, 1 chocolate cream cheese. — Timetable just got out and I was probably stressed a lil about the workload and projects and stuff. Looks like it’s gonna be a difficult sem. Prepped timetable and the usuals for the start of the semester.. Got better after. Knew I didn’t need the chocolate cream cheese..

L: half a pita bread with sambal sotong, 1 grande caffe mocha — It was satisfactory bearing in mind the choc cream cheese which was not needed. Had coffee at about 3pm to settle some accounts.

D: 1 serving of lontong + lodeh + sambal sotong, 1 choc cream cheese, 1 hershey’s choc flavoured soya, some O tori nuggets tom yum flavoured snack — definitely do not need everything else after the main dish. Yes, i disappointed myself. On retrospect, i was conversing over wa about school… switching groups, dual slots etc.. The overeating comes when I’m stressed and I should learn to control this. Probably started way back when I was in Y1 and clueless about all this. Well… Reversing will take more effort but hey, I grew up in a strict disciplined environment. It should be somewhat second nature to me right? With other people we generally tend to overeat. This is probably also a contribution. So.. the conclusion would be to be conscious of what I consume and focus on self and not others (just cos they eat doesn’t mean I have to) Learn to say no. Yea… That seems more apt. To not be pressure by others into doing what I don’t need or want.

I think I did ok since I’ve not had any strong sugar cravings at night or so.. Not gonna eat beyond 10pm is a new rule I will have myself abide to. I am also restricting bubble to at most once week. And I have realized how wrong it is to just consume glucose for a meal. For the same amount of calories I’d rather have a burger which I haven’t eaten since time immemorial. Alright, a lil confident about tmr. Gonna pick myself up from this mini failure

Signing off,


Detox Day #1


So here I am after dinner-ish (Gonna have salad later on).

I felt good about today. Well food-wise at least..

BF: 2 grapes, 1 teh susu, 1 lopez- had to send mum & grandma to a baby shower. Quite nervous since I haven’t driven since Tassie and Sg’s roads are way different than Tassie’s. Well that means 11 days of no driving until today… hmm. Actually compared to others it’s not that long. Regardless, it turned out fine. So.. distraction or keeping my mind focussed on other more important matters worked.

L: 2 mini salmon burgers, 1 spoonful of daging rendang and 1 spoonful of urap, Mini burger was nicee. Love the sauce. – not sure hw to approach and address the other side of the family. Again, being more concerned about how I present myself is more impt..

D: 1 lopez, handful of pistachios, 1 quarter pulut – quite full aft munching on pistachios. Hmm. Lopez was small. But i still feel like eating salad with my newly bought honey mustard dressing!

Proud of breakfast. Not as satisfied w lunch cos i ate tt other mini burger cos i waited way tpp oong for what they call “berkat” from the baby shower. I kinda binged on the pistachios but hey, the daily serving is 47 nuts and i’m sure i’m wayy under. Salad later wld complete the 1 serving of vege for the day. So yeap. Overall, satisfied w my reason for consumption and self regulation while consuming. Looking forward to a similar tmr. šŸ™‚

Signing off,

House MD

Learnt a few things from this TV series. Many kept saying this is better than Grey’s so I decided to evaluate for myself.

Hmm.. I’ll say it’s both a yes and a no. Well,Ā it depends on individual preference.

House MD revolves around cases fromĀ a department, specifically the Department of Diagnostics Medicine (where cases presented to them are those that other docs couldn’t figure out). Their cases featured are more complicated than what an everyday doctor is exposed to like in Grey’s. Grey features a variety of cases with a range of difficulty levels. I prefer Grey’s in this area because I get to see how docs deal with the varying levels of cases instead of just watching docs speculate over possible causes due to the complexity of the case.

Grey’s have more characters which means more drama per episode and it kinda gets you excited for what’s up next. On the contrary, House just has the same 3 under 1 genius in the department and hence, little drama. This genius has this sarcasm which is typical. Like Sheldon from Big Bang Theory. Then again, the substance is strong, with little drama.

Well these are my 2 cents worth since I am only at Season 1, I have yet to see the development.

Signing off now.

Detox Plan


I need to stay off too much glucose and maintain a healthy diet. I canĀ no longerĀ carbo load (not that IĀ can during exam period but that’s actually a good excuse) and I hope this will assist me in tracking my glucose intake for my own health benefit. Be it physical or mental.

This shall be my diary for detox and Day #1 starts tomorrow and here’s some of the points that I think pertinent to note.

I need to stay away from chocolates specifically. Fruits are fine but should not be taken in excessive amounts. Excessive meaning more than 1 serving. To check how much is 1 serving of grapes.

I can still consume glucose. Going cold turkey is not long term and may induce other unwanted side effects which I do not need to have in the start of my school term. Glucose shall be limited to staple food. Any chocolates or banana cake shall be a no-no. In the case where my body crave for these, I will need a strong and good substitute.. which I can’t think of other than fruits. A second would be caffeine, including my lovely teh peng, green tea or coffee i guess. Taken every other day at most.

Unlimited veggies to better my digestive tract.

I understand that there will be withdrawal symptoms: headaches, lethargy and more. I have to tell myself that this will be temporary and is a result of my carbo load during exams which is exacerbated from my Aussie trip. When this happens, I will rest and take naps to trainĀ my body to realize that I actually do not need them.

I need to get back my regular 3 times a week exercise and need to change my routine on alternate weeks. To train up cos it seems as if my body has gotten used to my 4km ritual in half an hour. I noticed that I get bored while running sometimes. Hope to involve other people in my exercise routine. Hey this boosts mental health too. Gyms and team sports a consideration.

Social support…. I know a dietician but of course, I’m not gonna bother her every single meal and I can’t expect her to monitor my glucose intake 24/7. Family, nope because they are unhealthy themselves.. Well, the home environment isn’t exactly ideal to help me detox. This brings my down to just you bloggy. and me.

I should come back here everyday after dinner to log my intakeĀ andĀ feelings especially (since I could expect a relapse the next exam period).

Alright, we’ll see how this turns out.

Signing off,

Southeast Asia Market

Southeast Asia Market

Many manufacturing business.
Growth not in capital itself.
Resilience to crisis.
Challenge : Swift change in environment – sudden political tensions/ social unrestt

Good first place for SMEs interested to venture abroad due to (1)geographical proximity (2)familiarity of culture (3)strong brand name

Budget 2014 : Ask the Finance Minister, Tharman Shanmugaratnam

PGP, increase in 1% of CPF.

Front loading. Relieve them of the uncertainty of their future. Assurance for future generations and challenges, including healthcare spending.

Precedent for future policies?

Unique generations thus should not be made a precedent. Difficulty facing forward. Think about new sources of growth as we move on. Not all those in PG are well off. Most start off poor.

Follow on effects on other sectors?

Ease burden for younger people. Increase QOL. Positive effects for various age groups.

With lower med cost for seniors, more seeking outpatient treatment and more constraint?

Cause of concern. But more contributions to healthcare not just in monetary terms but rather, about teaching people to stretch their dollar. Maximize use of health dollar.

Plus for planning ahead which many in PG have not even considered and thus do not plan their savings for the future.


Day 8 – Home Prices, Budget 2014


As the interview is coming quite fast, I decided to quickly beef up on my current affairs esp accounting scandals which many have come up recently. Kinda on my toes being in this field now.

Singapore home prices may drop 10-15%, says DBS CEO

Drop is due to government cooling measures & mortgage curbs implemented to dampen the property market.

Through the Total Debt Servicing Ratio framework, 30-35% reduction in mortgage applications.

StanChart Singapore to get new CEO

Ray Ferguson –> Neeraj Swaroop

Channel NewsAsia to air series of programmes on Budget 2014

OMGOMGOMG Budget 2014’s coming out tmr! & i’ll be having tuition. .. I’d prefer watching live thoooo. I am so gonna catch the CNA shows!

Day 8 -Konfrontasi

Konfrontasi – Bombing of Mac Donald House in 1965

Bombing of Macdonald House, a famous landmark in Singapore on 10 March 1965. Bombing was not very far off from Istana. Considered the most deadly bomb. 1963 – series of explosions mark the beginning of konfrontasi but because bombing of Macdonalds was at the heart of the city, it was more remembered and therefore described as most devastating terrorist attack.

Saboteurs sent from Indonesia under the orders of Sukarno. Sukarno’s intention was to spread chaos across Sg as part of confrontations against federation of M’sia. Aft 2nd world war, Sg was subsumed under Malaya when British decided to separate us. Merger in New Malaysia offered best hope for M’sia. Sg really intended for true political union via access to their market. Sg + Malaya + Sabah + Sarawak = New Federation of Malaysia. M’sia PM Tengku Abdul Rahman led the merger. But not everyone was happy. Formation disrupted Indon’s plans as it claims that the formation represents a British colonial plot to dominate SEA. Political differences fuelled growing animosity. Indon regional giant. Tengku Abdul Rahman issued a stark warning but it did not stop Sukarno who thought with his large empire in SEA, he could make the forward movement. He was also battling from within – threatened by Indon army. Nightmare – old & sick + military gaining power day by day. So what better target than M’sia. Sukarno needed a distraction to crush M’sia.

Commercial links severed between M’sia & Indon. Threatened 15,000 jobs in Sg. Worst – Sukarno launched plan to disrupt M’sia through campaign of sabotage. President Sukarno – spread fear & destabilize new economy. Bombings became more frequent. Response – vigilante corp + sg infantry regimen + trained volunteers defended Sg. Educated on konfrontasi & how to counter terrorism.

Life under sukarno. Fervent nationalism. Vested colonial influence. This encouraged the spread of a sense of anti-colonialism. Leaders of m’sian federation fought back.

Sukarno’s Borneo campaign (direct attack into sabah & sarawak) failed – british concentrated troops in sabah + indon deployed marines & commandos so there was intense fighting w good contenders.

Indon kko marines, osman & harun,Ā arrived in sg, armed w explosives. Mission – bomb & cause as much destruction as possible. O & H selected perfect target. Mcdonald house was an iconic building – high rise, high class design. Considered a prestigious estate in the city & its prominence made it the target. Bomb was placed with deadly accuracy as it blasted out all support pillars from ground resulting in maximum impact.

O & H laid low then their boat hit a rock & smashed into pieces. Stranded. But they were rescued by Sg Maritime Police & taken back to island for questioning. There were calm & became talkative after a while. Osman bin Haji Mohamed Ali & Harun Said. They were Indon commandos. Outcome of trial will push 2 nations to the brink of confrontation.

Then SG agreed to a political divorce w M’sia. Sukarno celebrated. 30 sept 1965 troops loyal to communist indon fell to Military Group under the helm of Suharto. Suharto waited patiently while Sukarno took power. Suharto’s moment to seize power had come. Had crushed communists & sukarno pushed to the sidelines. Country inherited by Suharto was crippled by poverty & famine. New govt started fresh chapter. 11 08 1996 signed peace treaty w KL & konfrontasi brought to an end. 1967 thai philp sg indon m’sia ASEAN formed. Major step to regional cooperation & stronger economical ties. Sg considered releasing them aft taking into account plea of indon govt. SR Nathan took part in nego – cannot release due to loss of lives & injuries. Despite pleas by TAR & Suharto, Sg stood firm.

1968 they were hanged at changi prison & bodies flown back to Indon. 10,000 gathered to give them heroes’ welcome. Anger swelled. Sg embassy attacked & ransacked. Riots occurred. Diplomatic relations plummeted to rock bottom. Suharto swore to punish LKY. June 1970, Kun Choy appointed the new Sg Ambassador. His mission was to heal wound from konfrontation. Bonded with Suharto’s circles. Diplomatic maneuvering paid off. 1973 PM lee made first visit. No diplomatic expense were spared. Greeted by army. Despite diplomatic gestures, LKY knew more needs to be done. Bold plan to go to kaliman hero cemetery & pay respects to the 2 men. LKY put flowers. Tears & leaders were moved. It was important. Press were not told in advance that this was gonna happen. Act of sprinkling flowers. Indons felt relieved that it had been done. Important gesture as Indon place a lot of emphasis on form. So he had paid his respects to the dead. End of long diplomatic stand off. Start of new relations between Sg & Indon. Bond became close. Bilateral ties strengthened. Stood the test of time.

Pardon any broken English. This was typed in real time as I was watching. Finally knew what caused the separation between Singapore & Malaya. More interested to find out more about what LKY did during Sg’s early independence now. Oh just recalled what audit prof said earlier today about our local politics scene which I listened with disgust. Disappointed as to why it became like this. I mean.. Ethics literally doesn’t exist because the one who initiated in learning about ethics is not even abiding by it. Alright. I gotta go. Will be back for accounting scandals! & more current affairs.

Day 7 – Accounting Scandals

Hello, it definitely has been a long time. Well I did mention this could be a flop but in any case, I am here to revive it after losing interest ever since my Kuantan trip plans were a flop. This goes under self.


The thing is.. no one was interested in the activities that was planned though I figured it would be the best way to make full use of our vacation there. I have no idea why they are just satisfied by sleeping in the hotel throughout. I mean. There are so many things to explore about the resort, so many new things to witness and so many people to interact and they’re just satisfied with the bed. How do Ā I even approach such unmotivated, empty people. Well anyway, I went ahead with my own goals of the vacation. I managed to view the sunrise which only came at about 7am. And I woke up at 5am? Haha. Well I managed to do some French in the cooling breeze and with a beautiful scenery and while hearing the sea breaking against the shore. Something I could not get here. I can hear crickets but it’s not the same. So this was the best I could get out of it. Not following my plans wasn’t the worst thing..

Adapting my plans was worse. So while we were on our way back, I expected to be home early since I’ve got a lot of work to do. Butt they just suddenly decided to stop by a famous lake and just suddenly decide to take the cruise when they totally gave no care about the Firefly Cruise I have planned. I was very disappointed at how they did not even acknowledge my effort to plan (my time is definitely more valuable than theirs. time = $), my agreement to taking the impromptu cruise, or my suggestions about the package of the cruise. What’s wrong with them? I’m sure it’s not me because I’m sure it is a basic human right to consider others’ feelings. Well that’s over and no one did anything. It was just left there. And somehow people around me just don’t get it. They don’t have what I need. Or rather, they don’t know or don’t have the means to help or assist me so they just kept quiet and just hope my feelings go away. Time heals right. .. Is it that rare to find people who genuinely care?

Accounting Scandals

For a breadth of knowledge, I’ll be working on accounting scandals’ causes soon..

Glad to keep in touch with me. Will see you again later alright.

Day 6 – Employment 2013; CNB NGB retired

More find jobs last year amid tight labour market

In 2013, employment grew by 134,900 (MOM) Over 60% went to locals & PR. Most of employment growth came in services sector, followed by construction and manufacturing.

Former CNB chief Ng Boon Gay retired from public service: Ministry of Home Affairs

So he was first interdicted in Jan 2012 which means he was suspended from duty & docked off his pay after being arrested by CPIB for graft investigations about a month earlier.

Graft investigations:


  • Graft is defined as a use of public stature to gain illegal benefit. For instance, a senator who sits on the armed services committee in the U.S. senate cannot use his knowledge of military contracts to buy stock in a defense contractor’s company. His position gives him unfair advantage over other investors. It is similar to the notion of insider trading in business.

Read more:Ā

He was acquitted of corruption which means he was not guilty but has been retired from public service effective yesterday. Why was he retired despite not being guilty? Well logically speaking, given that his reputation is reflect badly on many other companies, I believe no company except close friends would put him in a role that requires sound ethical judgment and professionalism.


Got the itinerary up for Kuantan & seems legit! Shall conduct a briefing later today when everyone’s here. Oh this reminds me of the ppt I needa do for OCIP. Quite disappointing because after thinking about it so much yesterday, I couldn’t actually find succinct points to support the sustainability of the project. I mean. How difficult is it to inspire youths to take on OCIPs by knowing there is continuity of the project in the long run. I can go far-fetched like saying “It could be your first step towards making a difference to the world” but then again that would be what every other OCIP would do. & if I were among the audience (I used to be the audience for such things a lot) I wouldn’t be very receptive to it because firstly, the point’s diluted and overused and secondly, realistically speaking is that even true? We are ultimately still a small fry and to effect big changes, we’ll need much more than that – working very closely with NGOs, getting them to be more receptive towards our involvement in planning as opposed to just manual work etc. Many factors that have more weight comes into play so don’t be superficial. I’ll join whoever gets me the real deal amidst all the fluff.

Hmm. Now the reall deall….

Day 3 + 4 + 5 – Tudung issue; Smartphone sales (Samsung); SM SF Budget 2014

A few issues over the past 3 days I intend to highlight :

Tudung issue

Tudung issue is about what sort of society S’pore wants to build: PM Lee

I remember learning about this issue in my SS mod and if i recall correctly, my prof’s interpretation of the issue was how it was not allowed in schools then because it could impede national integration yet the other party insists on the basic right to practice their religion to their utmost best in this secular state. PM’s comments imply a deferment of allowance for donning of tudung in schools as it could lead to other religions fighting for the same right to practice their beliefs openly within an institution. Eg. Practicing their beliefs in school. etc.

What is my opinion? I’d go for my prof’s/ PM’s stand that Sg, being a melting pot of cultures whose composition is always changing, would require constant and more conspicuous efforts to promote the quality of being one or together, rather than separate entities. As it would be difficult to validate every individual’s stand or perspective regarding this issue this move would be a prudent one to take now.

Auditors’ independence

Before accepting an engagement from a client, there is a need to establish our independence – a list of 24 šŸ˜® which I am presently reminding myself to keep reinforcing it in my head.

Smartphone sales (Samsung vs Apple)

Smartphone sales top billion, Samsung leads

Boohoo Apple. I never really was a fan of Apple but I did a project on Steve Jobs & he was amazing. He was the backbone of the company then but its future seems uncertain now. Anw, Samsung 31.3% of 2013 sales while Apple hits 15.3%. Samsung’s double! I do not fancy how big its devices are but well it seems most reliable compared to other phones. I actually really like the look and feel of a Blackberry but it seems dormant now. Well I heard about its pop-up keys technology which it is still furnishing. Let’s hope it’s break into the market fairly quickly.

Budget 2014

Budget 2014 to look at how to better support families: Josephine Teo

Senior Minister of State for Finance

One of the priorities for Budget 2014 is to better support families through healthcare & education (preschool to tertiary).

As for business, we should expect an update of the progress of restructuring. Businesses requested “for the continuation of Productivity & Innovation Credit (PIC) scheme which allows local business to get tax deductions for investments to improve productivity” (thus scheme is helpful biz are making moves to improve their productivity) & govt is considering the merits of extending it.


Almost forgot to update this area. So I’ve been eating little on some occassions and eating a lot or rather, munching more often these few days. My body hasn’t yet realized/ been accustomed to a certain benchmark that determines whether you need food or not. Counting calories may not necessarily help and I’ve been exercising too but I have no idea of its effects. Well my strategy was to eat lesser & exercise much more which means my fats will be used up as energy for the strenuous exercises that I’ve been doing but yea it now seems true when people say it is challenging to stay fit & healthy when you’ve been so used to your regular meetings with the fridge. Or when your body dictates your mind on your level of hunger at various points of time. So willpower is definitely important. The conviction to let your mind decide when you should consume food rather than let your body do harm to itself. Speaking of which, I think probably the main reason for obesity is psychological. Turning to food for comfort is just depressing because food should the last thing we seek for comfort. I mean people do it temporarily – munching on donuts after dissatisfaction with exams. It could become chronic when done so often and you’re not mentally strong/ garner sufficient willpower to resist. There are definitely other more effective measures to overcome any unsettled issues within self cos honestly, food doesn’t help. Oh right, it’s like smoking – a temporary relief from stress which only comes back once again and may or may not render you in a better position to solve the problem or not. Let’s not leave such things to chance cos we tend to blame it on our bad luck when things do not turn out the way we wanted it too and soon without any effort, it would become a self-fulfilling prophecy. A vicious cycle that no one should fall for. We should all probably think back into our primary school days, specifically CME lessons and actually reflect & apply it now since the world’s quite screwed up. Going back to basics usually works especially with a fresh and non-convoluted mind.